Grow your mo to support a bro

Each year, thousands of men around the world join the challenge to “Grow a Mo”, or moustache, during Movember and raise awareness on male related health issues.

This year, car importer GasanZammit is also taking up the mantle and challenging the status quo by putting men’s health firmly at the forefront of their company culture. To mark this Movember, the team at GasanZammit has produced an informative infographic aimed at educating staff on the three main male related health issues and how to approach them.

In order to continue showing support for their staff, the majority of whom comprise of men, whilst simultaneously educating about men’s health issues, GasanZammit also distributed personal grooming kits provided by VJ Salomone to mark Men’s Day on the 19th November, with an aim to encourage their own staff to grow their own ‘mo; in the hopes of also bringing awareness and education home to their own families and friends

“We wanted to be part of the conversation about the importance of raising awareness on men’s health.” Said GasanZammit marketing director, Carolyn Zammit. “The stats speak for themselves. Male health issues are on the rise too and remain a taboo. By providing facts, we want to be part of something bigger like Movember which is united by a commitment to help change the face of men’s health.”

One of the main health issues faced by men revolves around mental health, an area which men notoriously neglect, preferring to engage in avoidance tactics, bottling their emotions up, often insisting that since there’s no physical manifestation of a problem, that the problem does not exist. This is one of the key areas that GasanZammit hope to tackle, by opening up the discussion about how men’s health matters to their employees for the first time.

“Employee engagement remains one of the core values of operation for us at GasanZammit. We continually strive to make our employees feel valued, and to ensure an open dialogue between the company and its staff,” added Ms. Zammit. 

Last month the company showed the same appreciation for their employees, as well as raising awareness similarly about women’s health issues, by distributing home-made nut butters.